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Experience Optimization

"Experience is defined by moments of engagement, and touch points, between people and brands, and the ideas, emotions, and memories that these moments create."  - Wikipedia

Successful leaders and organizations know that getting the experience right creates enthusiasm, which translates into high-value word-of-mouth referalls, engaged stakeholders, and loyalty. Capital D Strategies' approach is proven, cost-effective, and improves return on investment.

Step 1: Audit and assessment

​​Fully understanding what exists "today" is crucial to the development of what you imaging for tomorrow. Capital D Strategies employs a proprietary process as part of our Design Gap Methodology to fully explore all the assets and potential that exists today to serve your clients and constituents effectively.

Step 2: Strategy and design

A strategy is set collectively with the client that combines analysis and creativity into the process. Aligning the strategy with the goals will guide all design and execution decisions. This strategy is then articulated into guidelines, wireframes and/or key messages -- essentially an outline of the final deliverable. 

Step 3: Experience implementation


Armed with a clear strategy and an outline of the final objective, Capital D Strategies can implement your strategy. Experience implementation requires a keen eye for detail, and a sharp focus on maintaining the initial objective as complexities inevitably arise. With over 10 years of implementing and directing experience-driven projects, clients are consistently impressed with the quality and value delivered.

Investing in experience optimization can help you develop or improve:


  • Campaigns (vision/message/strategy)

  • Marketing websites & landing pages​

  • Digital products & services

  • PowerPoint presentations


  • Business application interfaces

  • ​Social Media engagement

  • Customer service processes

  • Operational process redesign


  • Brand experience

  • Corporate web sites

  • E-Commerce sites

  • Employee Intranet portals


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