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Digital Marketing & Innovation

At its essence, marketing is about connecting need with value. With digital technology, connecting has evolved to engagement -- an area where innovation can play a pivotal role in success.

Are your messages resonating with your target audience? Is your website articulating your brand in a meaningful way? Are you being found when people look for what you offer?  Do you offer useful and valuable tools on-line to engage and provide value to those you serve?

Engaging your most important stakeholders online is efficient, but is only worth the investment if it's also effective. Capital D Strategies provides the following services to ensure that your investments are smart, measurable and effective:

  • ​Community sites & portals

  • Collaboration solutions
  • Social media strategy
  • Marketing automation


  • Digital strategy & messaging

  • ​Digital branding & positioning
  • ​Websites & landing pages

  • Search engine optimization


A typical marketing agency will sell you all the bells & whistles -- but rarely will they look deeply at your brand, your strategy and your opportunities with an innovative eye. Capital D Strategies will help you identify what you need to do, and will help you optimize your spend with your full-service agency to ensure you're getting the optimal value from all of your marketing investments.

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