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Strategic Communications & Messaging

Communications starts with connection, but leading and influencing people requires far greater rigor.


​​You can't lead change if you don't have followers. Influence and leadership communications are essential tools to transform the status quo into your unique vision of the future by arming you and your organization with the cognitive tools and models to ensure that what you desire is effectively digested by your intended audience.


Influence Communications

Getting people to believe in -- and therefore support -- your idea is far more complex than simply sharing information. To get the support, alignment and resources you need, influence is a required communication skill.

How can you engage in influence communications? Capital D Strategies employs psychological and sociological models based on years of experience developing messages for political campaigns and mission-based organizations.

Leadership Communications

You and your organization's brand are largely experienced through words, metaphors, frames and messages.


CEO's, project managers, customer service directors, brand managers, political candidates and mission-based organizations all struggle with maximizing their brand potential through effective communications and messages.

Isn't it time for you to let the power of words start working for you?  Let Capital D Strategies design the perfect messaging strategy to help you and your organization gain trust and strength.

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